Your staff and the right equipment for hosting large parties determine how well and quickly you serve big groups. Large parties require space, special attention, and fast service. With the right employees and the proper kitchen appliances, you can successfully host large groups every night.

Choose Appropriate Staff (and Menu)

Talented restaurant staff is as important as the right equipment for hosting large parties.


First, when big groups of guests arrive, have one server greet the table and start drink orders. Meanwhile, another server checks on that server’s tables for the next few minutes. Here’s a tip for a party of 20. In this case, have your front waiter take 1-10 orders, and the back waiter takes 11-20 to speed things along.

Offer Family-Style Dining

Offering family-style options is also a great way to speed along and simplify service. Specifically, it makes it easier for your chefs and servers. In addition, family-style allows guests to try more of the menu and thus find something they like. Moreover, you can sell this idea as a more economical and exciting option. Certainly, it is one that allows everyone to try your best dishes.

Effective Communication

Utilize a tablet and mobile point-of-sale (POS) software to inform customers and expedite the ordering process. While still at the table, servers can enter orders on tablets, and the kitchen will receive them all automatically. This greatly accelerates food preparation and order entry. As a result, large gatherings don’t have to wait a long time for their food to be prepared. As a result, it makes life easier for the restaurant staff. But, in addition, it also vastly improves the experience for your customers.

Choose the Right Equipment for Hosting Large Parties

You want to equip your servers, hosts, and kitchen staff with the tools they need to get the job done day-in, day-out. Choosing the right equipment for hosting large parties is crucial.


Your equipment size depends on how much room you have in your kitchen. Knowing how much space you actually have for your oven, Broasters, and other appliances will help you plan the layout of your commercial kitchen. To determine the capacity you need, it’s also important to consider how much food you plan to prepare during a service.


High-quality equipment that can withstand use and time means the difference between success and failure. Simply because they are the center of your kitchen. When guests arrive, have appetizers ready to go. Certainly, this speeds up food delivery and enhances your guest’s perception of timely service.


Fast food chains, specialized chain restaurants, and many other establishments rely heavily on industrial fryers. Equipment from Broaster is essential for your kitchen if your operations depend on any kind of frying apparatus.

The Broaster 1600 is the most reasonably priced medium-capacity pressure fryer currently on the market. It also has the smallest footprint. The 1600’s undercarriage takes up just 3.2 square feet and is small, dependable, and simple to operate. The 1600 can also pre-program up to 10 different cook cycles, making it simple and quick to prepare a variety of menu items.

The Broaster 1800 provides the best capacity and space utilization of any Broaster model. The quick and efficient 1800 is made for high volume output. Markedly, it can cook up to 40 pieces of fresh, bone-in chicken per load in as little as 10 minutes. Its large capacity gives the product more room, reduces sticking, and yields delicious food of the highest caliber.

The right equipment for hosting large parties is available now. Contact Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc., at 734-219-9969 to learn more. Specifically, we can explain the features and advantages that can help distinguish your company from the competition.

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