Taylor Soft Serve Machines

Soft serve ice cream is one of the most profitable and easily produced items on your menu, and with a high-quality commercial soft serve machine from Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc., you can serve up this delicious cold treat faster and easier than ever before. Because the product is made in and dispensed right from the freezer, these machines provide the ultimate in convenience for customers and staff alike. The freezers come in two-flavor twist or single-head dispensers, and they are available in both floor and counter models to offer food service businesses a wide range of production capacities.

The Technology Behind Our Commercial Soft Serve Machines

In the ice cream freezer, the mix and air are delivered either by pump or gravity to the freezing cylinder. There, the air is whipped into the product as it is frozen. The finished product is dispensed directly into the cone, cup, or dish for a fast and delicious cold treat. Although these machines are typically used to make soft serve products in the four- to six-percent butterfat range, our commercial soft serve machines can also manufacture frozen custard, yogurt, tofu, low-fat and no-fat desserts, among other treats.

Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc. is the leader in the food service equipment and supply industry. Our high-quality equipment can be found in most fast food chains and ice cream stands, as well as businesses such as bowling alleys, convenience stores, bars, delis, restaurants, schools, and more. To discover how our equipment can help you increase your profit margins, check out our commercial soft serve machines below and then contact your local sales office for more information today!

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