Model C706

Soft Serve Freezer
Single Flavor, Pump

Offer all the popular soft serve variations from low or non-fat ice creams to custards, yogurt and sorbet.

Product Offerings
Low or Non-fat Soft Serve Ice Cream, Custard, Yogurt, and Sorbet




Give your customers the frozen treats they desire with a soft-serve machine from Taylor Freezers!

  • Perfect for soft-serve ice creams, custards, yogurts, and sorbet.
  • The built-in mix hopper delivers the perfect amount of soft-serve every time.
  • Features a standby mode that will maintain safe product temperatures when the machine is not in use.
  • Create one delicious flavor.

At the end of a busy day, ice cream is a treat that everyone will enjoy, and with the C706 soft-serve machine from Taylor Freezers, you can provide all of your customers with a delicious custard, sorbet, or soft-serve ice cream. This machine is easy to use and will help you create numerous frozen treats to meet the needs of your customers. The mix hopper will ensure that you receive the perfect amount of soft-serve time after time. With a machine so easy to use, there’s no excuse not to buy this machine for your restaurant. Stock up on professional kitchen equipment from Taylor Freezers today!

Product Specifications:

  • Single flavor
  • 430 lbs.
  • 18 ¼” W x 32 ¼” D x 34” H
  • One 3.4-quart freezing cylinder
  • One 1.5 HP beater
  • Refrigeration System: 9,500 BTU/hr
  • Water inlet and drain connectors out rear panel
  • Options: cart with casters, cone dispenser, decals, hopper agitator, hopper locks, legs, syrup rail kit, and top air discharge chute.

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