Broaster® Pressure and Ventless Industrial Fryers

Broaster pressure fryers are known around the world for their quality, high output, and years of dependable, trouble-free operation. Industrial fryers are central to a wide variety of businesses, including fast food restaurants, specialty chain eateries, and more. If your operations rely on any kind of frying equipment, then Broaster equipment is a must-have for your kitchen. Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc. would love to help you learn about the features and benefits that can help set your business apart — contact your local sales office today.


What Are the Advantages of These Industrial Fryers?

How exactly can these high-quality industrial fryers benefit your business? From decreased expenses for supplies to increased profit, the sky’s the limit! Some of the most common advantages business owners experience include:

  • Incredibly delicious fried meals. Broaster pressure fryers use a sealed, pressurized environment to cook foods quickly, much like a pressure cooker. These units use Broaster Foods Canola Oil and the pressure seals in foods’ natural juices.
  • Decreased expense for oil. Because the foods cooked in these industrial fryers absorb less oil, you’ll find your oil costs decreasing over time. Additionally, the lifespan of your oil will become much longer, allowing you to experience big savings compared to ordinary deep fryer cooking.
  • Minimal flavor transfer. Because there is very little oil that is transferred into foods that are cooked in these fryers, there is virtually no flavor transfer between product loads.
  • Quicker, more reliable cooking. Broaster industrial fryers feature a patented round cooking well design that eliminates random hot spots. This unique design provides superior heat distribution that conventional fryers just can’t compare to. The result is decreased cooking times and less product waste.

Prefer a Ventless Option?

The Broaster VF-2 and Broaster VF-3 are perfect for smaller volume and quicker cook cycles. These ultra-compact, self-venting fryers take up minimal space and require no outside venting to operate. Broaster countertop fryers have a:

  • Proven round-well design that ensures even heat distribution
  • Built-in fire suppression, self-check, and safety systems
  • Unique high basket capacity for more product per load
  • Self-contained vapor filtering system

Check out our full line of Broaster pressure and ventless industrial fryers below to discover a model that is right for your food service needs. In the meantime, don’t forget to learn more about our Branded Broaster Chicken Programs!

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