Whether you manage a small kitchen in a diner or a large-scale food prep area in a convention center, you might not give much thought to your commercial refrigeration unit unless it experiences a problem. Industrial refrigerators play an important role in the success of many businesses, and when you have to purchase a new one, there are many considerations to be made. In today’s post, we’ll review a few common types of commercial refrigerators and we will review important things to think about as you are shopping for a new unit.

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Types of Commercial Refrigerators

When it comes to industrial refrigeration, there are more than a few different types of units available out there to choose from. Check out the five most common commercial refrigeration units below:

  • Bar refrigeration units. Perfect for storing drinks, mixers, and other standard bar essentials, these types of refrigerators are perfectly at home behind the bar. They will often feature glass doors and may be either counter height or standard height.
  • Refrigerated merchandiser. These types of units commonly have glass doors as well, and they are well-suited for retail locations where customers want to see the contents of the refrigerator for quick purchase decisions.
  • Refrigeration and prep table combination. If your kitchen space is at a premium, then a combination unit might be best for you. These types of refrigerators offer the ultimate in cold storage convenience while maximizing your prep surface area.
  • Under-counter refrigerators. Ideal for mobile concession trailers and small kitchen spaces, under-counter refrigeration units save on space without compromising the storage space of a traditional, full-size reach-in unit.
  • Reach-in units. Commonly thought of as the classic refrigeration unit, these full-size coolers come with a wide variety of features, including casters, double doors, glass or solid steel doors, and other desirable features.

These are just a few types of commercial refrigeration units. If you are not sure what type of unit is best for you, Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc. is here for you! Our commercial food equipment experts would love to speak with you about your refrigeration needs and help you decide on the right unit for your business. Call us at 734-742-5217 today!

Commercial Refrigeration Considerations

Once you determine what kind of unit best suits your needs, there are a few factors to consider before you make your final purchase, such as:

Manufacturer and Warranty

In the world of commercial refrigeration, not all manufacturers are created equal. While it might be tempting to purchase your unit from a lesser-known company, it is wise to remember that you will likely get what you pay for. Manufacturers like True Refrigeration® and Hoshizaki® are known for producing high-quality units for the refrigeration industry, and they often provide generous warranties on vital components, like the compressor. When you are shopping around for the right unit, be sure to inquire about the warranty and service options for various manufacturer’s pieces of equipment.


In addition to sticking with manufacturers who have an experienced track record and those who provide warranties, it is also helpful to research the service options for various units. If the manufacturer doesn’t offer convenient service, parts, and repairs, you can always seek out a reputable commercial refrigeration distributor. With more than 64 years in the foodservice equipment industry, Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc. proudly offers service and parts for many major manufacturer’s products. If you experience problems with your commercial refrigerator, we can help you resolve the issue.


During your research, it is also important to consider the dimensions of the refrigeration unit. The best way to determine what size will fit in your kitchen is to measure the space available for the unit. Remember to measure your door opening, too — the unit will need to fit through your doorways when it is delivered. This will provide you with the exterior dimensions, but it is equally important to determine the interior dimensions, as the exterior measurements don’t always equate to the available interior cubic feet. To determine the storage space you need, it is helpful to take into account your regular stock items and the size of your customer base.

Location of the Condensing Unit

While it is likely the last thing you are thinking about as you consider various models of refrigerators, the location of the condenser should also be taken into account before you make a final purchase decision. Some condensing units are located on the top of the units while others are located on the bottom or the back of the refrigerator. The location of the condensing unit can have an impact on how easy it is to clean and maintain, and it can also impact how efficiently the refrigerator operates Which condenser location is best for you largely depends on the nature of your business and your kitchen setup.

Commercial Refrigeration Units Michigan

Are you ready to purchase a new commercial refrigeration unit for your business? If so, Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc. is here for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would love to speak with you about your refrigeration needs and help you navigate the purchasing process. Contact our team today to get started!