Why would a restaurant, deli, or ice cream shop want to buy new food service equipment? That’s easy, right? There are three good reasons:


  1. Preparing for a grand opening day or, in other words, starting a new store.


  1. Replacing a broken or damaged piece of equipment that is beyond repair.


  1. Adding new items to the menu that requires equipment not already in the kitchen.


The more difficult question (after you make the initial decision) is whether to buy new – or used.


What to expect when buying new food service equipment


Of course, the first thing is that it is new. Every food service owner loves a shiny new piece of equipment sparkling in their kitchen. An impassioned restaurant owner can’t resist running their hand over the smooth, unscratched, food-free surface of a new grill, freezer, or fryer. It IS pretty. We understand how you feel.


Most of the time, new equipment means newer technology, too. Temperature controls, timers, along with the mechanicals of the machine, are updated with new innovations with every new product line. Sometimes the new kitchen equipment can mean faster preparation and service times. That makes customers happy, which, in turn, makes you happy.


Another benefit is that new kitchen equipment usually comes with some kind of guarantee or warrantee. We all know bringing new equipment into the kitchen is an investment. You want to protect the investment you’ve made.


Lastly, but not least important, is the availability of parts and service. Here at Taylor Freezer of Michigan, we come with the equipment. We are ready to provide you with the training, parts, and service you need. (That’s one of the reasons we have three locations.) Buying new online doesn’t always mean you will get the parts and service you need, especially not on a timely basis.


There is another way …


What to expect when buying used food service equipment


You can buy used equipment several different ways: from a private seller, at an auction, or from a dealer. For the first two options, remember, caveat emptor – buyer beware. You must be a very well-informed buyer to get a deal. One you are proud of the day of purchase and a year later.


Some sellers and auction houses are experts in selling. They don’t always know what’s important to know about a piece of equipment. Heck, they don’t always know where and how the equipment was used, how old it is, or how well-maintained it has been. That is a lot of unknowns right there, isn’t it?


If you are an old hand with food service equipment and know how to repair, fix up, and maintain a grill, ice cream machine, or a freezer, then it is possible you can find a deal. Of course, remember how much time, effort, and parts you may need.


In addition to all the unknowns in these buying situations, the equipment will probably NOT come with any sort of guarantee. In that case, you must be especially knowledgeable and skilled in taking care of the piece.


Buying used is not all dismal news. Far from it!

Buying used food service equipment from a dealer


Buying used from a reliable dealer like Taylor Freezer of Michigan makes all the difference. It is almost the antithesis of buying used from a private seller or auction house. We can’t speak for ALL dealers, but we can explain how we handle used, reconditioned, equipment.




First, many times we know where the equipment came from and who used it. That’s because many of our customers trade up, or expand, when it comes to food service equipment. For instance, sales might drive an owner to purchase a larger grill or shake machine. It’s not that they are adding to their menu. It’s that they want to sell more of their most popular offerings. More capacity for more product.


That being said, they might be looking to add new menu items. That might require them to reassess their kitchen and menu. Sometimes that means a new piece of equipment that will do more or take up less space.


Anyway, the idea is that when we have used equipment, we generally know the reason it is being replaced.




But that isn’t one of the best parts of buying used from a dealer like us. We don’t just wipe a piece of equipment off and sell it. No, we go through every nut and bolt, every filament and blade. Our factory-authorized professionals recondition the piece, so it is in the best shape possible.


Guarantee and service


Pay attention here: We provide a guarantee of some sort on every used piece of equipment we sell. Not only do out professionals recondition the equipment we also stand behind our work and brands. (Now some people consider that the BEST part of buying used from us.)


But wait, there’s more! We know the equipment and we have the parts, knowledge, and skill to provide any service needed. For instance, if it is time to replace the blades in the shake machine, we know what blades you need.


Speaking of availability, sometimes when you are looking for a particular piece of used equipment, you can’t find it. We can be your eyes and ears and watch for you.


Saving money by purchasing used food service equipment is a good idea. Purchasing used equipment from a reputable dealer is the best of both: Cost and Quality. Contact us at 734-525-2535 to find out more. We know about factory-authorized reconditioned food service equipment.


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