Taylor C043 Continuous Dispensing Custard Freezer

Choose the custard freezer that offers frozen treats in three different flavors!

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Spec Sheet


  • Boasts three separate hoppers for diverse flavor offerings.
  • Intuitive indicator lights on machine make operation simple.
  • Features easy-to-clean product chutes.
  • Built-in safety features ensure safe operation for your employees.

When you want to offer your customers the ultimate in frozen dessert options, the Taylor C043 continuous dispensing custard freezer is a must-have addition to your commercial kitchen. Thanks to the convenient dials on the mix flow generator, you can achieve the perfect product consistency every run, ensuring your patrons receive the high-quality frozen custard, low overrun ice cream, or sorbet you are known for. From the internal, water-cooled condensing system to the motor lock, finger guards, and other safety features, this custard freezer is a prime example of the quality Taylor craftsmanship you know and love. Request a quote from you local sales office today!


  • 1225 lbs.
  • 34 ⅛” W x 48 ⅞” D x 61 13/16” H
  • Three 30-quart (28.4-liter) mix hopper
  • Three 2.0 HP beater motors
  • Water-cooled refrigeration unit, 10,000 BTU/Hr / R404A
  • Separate hopper air-cooled refrigeration, 1,000 BTU/hr. R134A
  • Electrical: 208-230/60/3, 200/50/60/3

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