Taylor C001 Custard Freezer

Diversify your menu by offering treats made from this reliable custard freezer!

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Spec Sheet


  • Create a variety of premium frozen desserts for your customers.
  • Features indicator lights to provide easy, intuitive operation.
  • Product chute removes easily for cleaning or moving the dipping cabinet.
  • Includes built-in features to ensure operator safety.

Customers want a wide variety of desserts when they dine out, and with the Taylor C001 continuous-dispensing custard freezer, you can easily keep up with customer demands. This unit produces premium frozen custard, low overrun ice cream, and sorbet quickly and easily, allowing you to maximize your restaurant’s profits. It also features a mix flow regulator that has easy-to-read markings that make achieving your desired consistency a piece of cake. This custard freezer is a must-have addition to any commercial kitchen — request your quote from your local Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc. sales office today!


  • 515 lbs.
  • 20 ½” W x 37 5/16” D x 61 ⅝” H
  • Single 20-quart (18.9-liter) mix hopper
  • Single 1.5 HP beater motor
  • Single refrigeration system, 8,000 BTU/hr compressor. R404A.
  • Separate hopper refrigeration (SHR) system, 400 BTU/hr. R134A.
  • Electrical: 208-230/60/1 or 208-230/60/3
  • Dipping cabinet optional

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