Whether you’re looking for a new frozen drink machine or a commercial shake machine, now is the best time to freshen up your menu with new drink ideas inspired by current industry trends. Spring will arrive soon, and everyone likes to celebrate warm weather with a cool drink.

Current and Upcoming Industry Trends

Industry trends in the non-alcoholic beverages industry forecast by market research institutes for 2022 are not particularly surprising. We’re mostly talking about trends that have been part of the restaurant industry for a long time, albeit with varying intensity and in ever-fresh forms. Understanding growing trends is essential for every success story.

1. Industry Trend: Sustainability With a 360-Degree Approach

In 2022 and beyond, the demand for corporate sustainability programs will increase as consumers understand what it takes to move towards a well-rounded food and beverage economy.

Consumers consider holistic sustainability more than the entire product life cycle, which the restaurant industry refers to as “evergreen consumption.” It’s not enough to only act sustainably in your own company. Everything that has to do with the drink and its packaging will be relevant from the consumer’s point of view to develop trust. A 360-degree approach ideally ensures that all resources are tracked and used for as long as possible.

For example, Flavor Blend is an ideal add-on to your current shake freezer, allowing you to present your customers a variety of flavors from one single freezer. You provide customers with delicious premium flavors while endorsing sustainability practices with an all-in-one electricity-saving appliance.

2. Industry Trend: Health and Fitness Through Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Targeted consumers desire to live longer and healthier lives with the second predicted industry trend. The consumption of beverages and foods that support this goal is becoming increasingly important for your business. It’s no longer about “just” consuming healthy non-alcoholic drinks, but rather healthy non-alcoholic drinks that suit your own life situation and are tailored to each individual. For example, Taylor Freezer offers frozen beverage machines for smoothies, fruit juices, shakes, frozen cocktails, coffees, and cappuccino.

The intention is to provide your customers with more healthy product solutions. The Flavor Burst Frozen Carbonated Beverage system lets your customers choose from various flavors like classic blue raspberry or unique flavors like Green Apple, Mango, and Power Burst Energy.

3. Industry Trend: Bolder Flavors and Multi-Sensory Culinary Experiences

This industry trend is an entirely different approach that goes beyond previous ways of thinking in spirits and cocktails. Industry insiders predict brilliant success for non-alcoholic cocktails in 2022 and beyond.

There is a growing desire for non-alcoholic cocktail experiences as complex and thoughtful as food. However, it’s not about replacing alcoholic beverages entirely. It’s about experimentation and boldness. Buyers are stepping out of their comfort zones to investigate bolder flavors and multi-sensory culinary experiences. There is a focus on enhanced sensory impressions, often combined with the unexpected.

Innova Market Insights reports that consumers want to include more plant-based options in their diets. Consumer focus on health and sustainability means that substitute foods and ingredients are becoming more important. Customer expectations about sustainability are increasing, and snacking is no longer an optional extra, but a clear cause is for enjoyment.

What Do the Industry Trends Look Like in 2022?

One major industry trend you can expect to see over the next ten years is nutritional products for physical and psychological well-being. Today, 70% of Gen Z would like to think faster, more creatively, and with more concentration. Almost 53% of teenagers can imagine using food or training concepts that improve thinking skills in the future.

In addition, most of those surveyed believe that future nutrition will automatically be tailored to individual needs. For example, using DNA and the foods and beverages that match the genetic profile is already gaining momentum. The biotechnology company 23andMe already offers health research and diet plans based on a genetic test. And Nestlé recently launched a nutrition program in Japan based on DNA and blood test results.

Courage as a Basic Requirement

Owning and operating a small business or restaurant is already momentously courageous. These industry trends show that resting on one’s laurels won’t be enough in the future and that consumers want to be surprised with something innovative that supports their wants and needs.

It’s certainly helpful to learn about trends in one’s own regions and developments in other countries and on different continents. And ultimately, the most important thing is to have the courage to put promising new things into practice, and we can help.

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