The summer season will be here before you know it. Is your restaurant ready? Certain foods see an increase in demand during the summer months such as milkshakes, frozen beverages, and even ice cream. All of your customers will be looking for an extra-special treat to keep them cool, and it’s important to be ready for the warmer months ahead.

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Amazing Gelato Flavors to Serve This Summer

Everyone knows that ice cream is one of the best treats to serve during the summer months, but if you own a high-end establishment or you’re just looking for a way to put yourself ahead of the competition, then a gelato machine is the way to do it. Gelato is a creamier version of everyone’s favorite summer treat, and it comes in a variety of rich flavors. Discover some unique and delicious flavors to make this summer, and visit Taylor Freezer of Michigan to reserve your gelato machine!


If you’re looking for a traditional flavor that packs a punch, then you can’t go wrong with stracciatella. This classic flavor is as common in Italy as vanilla ice cream is in the United States. However, unlike vanilla, stracciatella ice cream features a bold, creamy flavor as well as pieces of hardened chocolate folded into the gelato. While this flavor may be common, it will leave a lasting impression that will keep your customers coming back for more!

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate may seem like a strange flavor for a frozen dairy treat, but one taste and you are sure to change your mind. This delectable flavor is every chocolate lover’s dream, and it may even put your business on the map. Dark chocolate gelato is a deep, rich brown color, and the flavor has notes of bitterness that are almost overpowered by the sugary chocolate taste.


Pistachio is another traditional gelato flavor. The interesting thing about pistachio gelato is that it is made in a number of different ways depending on where you go. Some gelaterias offer pistachio gelato that is very green in color, whereas others may offer a gelato that is more off-white in color. In addition to the color, you may also discover pistachio flavorings in varying intensities as some gelato makers use 100 percent pistachios and others may use a ratio of pistachio and other ingredients. Regardless of how you choose to make your gelato, there is no question that this unique flavor will quickly become a favorite of all.


Limoncello is a famous alcoholic beverage in Italy, and it is known for its deliciously lemony taste. With the popularity of limoncello, it’s no surprise that the Italians would create a gelato with similar flavors! Fruity flavors are a staple during the summer, and a lemon-flavored gelato will be a sweet and tangy treat that everyone will love! The sourness of the lemon combined with the creamy gelato will be a great way to cool off during a hot summer day.


Biscotti is a well-known brand of Italian cookies, and that’s exactly what this delicious gelato has in store! This delicious and unique flavor features crumbled Biscotti cookies mixed into a hazelnut and cinnamon gelato. The cookies add a crunchy texture amidst the creamy gelato, making the biscotti gelato a true masterpiece of flavors. This delicacy stands perfectly on its own, but truly makes a statement when combined with an equally delicious flavor like dark chocolate.

Start Making Gelato Today With Taylor Freezer!

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