The demand for ice cream worldwide is high, so how can you ensure your ice cream sales profits don’t dip as the hot summer months wane? According to the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), ice cream is America’s most popular frozen dessert. In fact, the average American eats 23 pounds of ice cream every year!

If ice cream is so popular around the United States, how can you make your business stand out from other shops, bakeries, or cafes? Here are four ways to make your ice cream or dessert shop the best in town.

1. Consider a Universal Approach in Ice Cream Sales

When the overall concept of your dessert shop is consistent, you offer customers the appealing benefit of comfort. Color schemes, room design, logo, and complete style tell a story about your business, but quality reigns supreme.

Ice cream ingredients are an essential component in ensuring repeat customers. Yogen Fruz® in Chicago is an excellent example of the importance of high-quality ingredients. With the incredible success of dessert shops like Pinkberry® and Red Mango®, Yogen Fruz® introduced an all-natural yogurt bar, drawing in tons of new and repeat customers with intense flavors, unique toppings, and live cultures.

Local ice cream shop operators can also benefit from the frozen yogurt trend, but your success is dependent on the quality of your soft serve and frozen yogurt equipment. In a difficult market, superior equipment allows business owners across the country to gain a distinct advantage with compact designs and low operating costs. The business model is incredibly simple but powerful.

2. Offer Coffee with Your Cones

Coffee and ice cream are two classics that go together like hot fudge and sprinkles. Whether it’s ice creams, smoothies, or frozen yogurts you sell, every restauranteur can profitably use coffee. Coffee is a convenient option for attracting new customers in the early morning and afternoon hours, bringing in adults who want a hot beverage with children who want ice cream.

3. Flavor Options

Besides the fact that everyone loves ice cream, one thing is certain: customers of all ages love having options and the ability to build their own dessert. Whether your clientele is searching for classic scoops of vanilla and chocolate, or something more unusual, you should have something for every customer category to appeal to as many people as possible and thus generate the highest ice cream sales.

Profits during the summer are excellent, but what happens to ice cream sales in the autumn and winter months? To attract customers to your business outside of the classic ice cream season, include other products in addition to traditional types of ice cream. The sale of frozen take-home treats, coffee specialties, and distinct seasonal flavorscan also have a sales-promoting effect in the cold season and generate significantly more sales.

2. Seasonal Specialties

Everyone wants what they can’t have, which is why the Shamrock Shake is so successful. Think about how many millions of people love McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, that’s only available once every year.

Develop an ice cream sundae or other specialty desserts that your business is known for. You can even double sales if you offer the special dessert only once or twice a year. Seasonal products create anticipation and desire. By using the psychological tendency in consumers, seasonal products are incredibly effective in increasing profits. Plus, offering a limited-time treat with a snappy and memorable name will increase sales with word-of-mouth advertising.

The Ice Cream Business is Booming

According to market trends, the world is craving ice cream. Demand is unusually high with no decrease in sight. Based on Fortune Business Insights, the global ice cream market will reach $91.9 billion in 2027, which is a 30% increase in less than a decade.

Take advantage of this upward trend by working with the experts at Taylor Freezer of Michigan. Our soft serve machines help dessert shops create unique flavors, frozen novelties, and specialty sweets while also offering classics like plain chocolate or vanilla in a cone.

Offering a range of mix variations, you can serve ice cream, frozen custard, sorbet, or frozen yogurt to satisfy the tastes of all your customers. The equipment is easy to operate and consistently delivers the high-quality results our clients have come to expect. We significantly contribute to our client’s success because economic integrity is an established part of our core values.

When you think of warm weather, you probably think of more than sand and suntans—Ice cream is synonymous with summertime swimming and weekends at the beach. But as fall descends on Michigan, how will you keep your sweet-toothed customers satisfied? Taylor Freezer of Michigan can help you increase sales year-round in many ways.

Call us at 734-219-9969 to talk about ways we can help you increase ice cream sales and make your dessert shop fit the future.

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