Running a commercial kitchen is a tough job, whether you’re working in a restaurant, hotel kitchen, or another type of establishment. That being said, the job becomes even more difficult when you’re stuck using low-quality commercial food service equipment.

At Taylor Freezer of Michigan, we are dedicated to providing business owners throughout the state with the high-quality commercial food service equipment they need to take their business to the next level and satisfy their customers. We offer everything from Taylor batch ice cream freezers to Broaster® pressure fryers. Check out everything we have to offer, and continue reading below to learn more about the Broaster appliances you need in your kitchen! Once you’re ready, please contact your local Taylor Freezer sales representative to start the process.

Smokaroma BB71 Commercial Pressure Smoker

It’s extremely hard to beat the smoky flavor food cooked on the smoker. However, unless you want to be running your smoker 24/7 it can be difficult to keep up with demand, as smokers often take hours to get the food just right. When you’re running a restaurant, you need to be able to cater to your customers, which is why Broaster created the Smokaroma BB71 Commercial Pressure Smoker! This amazing appliance will give you the amazingly delicious smoky flavors that your customers love in less time than a traditional smoker. The high pressure cooks the meat faster, allowing you to smoke up to 30 pounds of food in less than 90 minutes!

Broaster 1800 Industrial Pressure Fryer

Fried food is a staple part of almost any restaurant, even if all you’re cooking is fries. Unfortunately, buying an extensive amount of oil time and time again can quickly eat up your budget. The Broaster 1800 Industrial Pressure Fryer gives you the option to use less oil and less energy thanks to its innovative design! Using this pressure fryer, your food will soak up less of the oil, meaning your oil supplies will last longer. Additionally, the pressure technology cooks your food faster, making it easier to keep up with demand and save energy all at once!

Instant Burger Two-Sided Commercial Grill

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Great burgers are easy to make, but cooking them just right is vital, and can often take longer than you may like, especially if you’re trying to serve your customers as quickly as possible. This Instant Burger Two-Sided Commercial Grill allows you to cook two burgers at once in less than a minute, which may sound almost too good to be true. On top of that, it features a compact design that allows you to save room in your kitchen for some of the bigger appliances you may need.

Broaster Express™ VF-2 Ventless Industrial Fryer

If fried food makes up a large part of your menu, then you need to be prepared with the highest quality of equipment. The VF-2 Ventless Industrial Fryer not only offers a space-saving design, but it also features a cook cycle counter that allows you to produce delicious food that is fried perfectly time and time again. Because this system is ventless, you may be worried about fires, especially in a large kitchen. Thankfully, this industrial fryer is designed with a built-in fire suppression system to prevent fires and keep you and your employees safe.

Get Started With Taylor Freezer!

It’s never too late to take your restaurant to the next level with new appliances, and Taylor Freezer of Michigan is here to help. We offer an extensive selection of commercial food service equipment, including a variety of Broaster products, sauces, and seasonings. If you’re ready to upgrade your current appliances or add new ones to your kitchen, then contact your local Taylor Freezer sales representative to get started!