How do you know if you have a good kitchen layout for your restaurant? A good kitchen layout allows you and your team to churn out orders quickly and precisely, especially during the busiest times. A well-trained staff and effective organization of supplies are essential components of successful restaurants, but your kitchen layout also contributes to the effectiveness of the people within it. But what makes a good commercial kitchen layout?

Good commercial kitchens are built in precise patterns, each one focusing on different stations around the restaurant. Even though they follow a template, every commercial kitchen needs different types of equipment.Taylor Freezer of Michigan Inc. has a wide variety of equipment available for every single type of restaurant kitchen.

Still, once you have the equipment, you need to ensure that all your high-end equipment goes in the right place to complement each station. If you want to focus on building the perfect commercial kitchen, here are some things to keep in mind.

Name Each Area of Your Kitchen Layout

The primary area you’re considering is likely where you’re going to prep the food. This area often consists of several separate sections, each focusing on different foods, such as the grill station and the sauté station, and individual pizza, ice cream, or fried foods stations.

Additionally, you’ll have a dishwashing station, a station for storage, a station for food prep, and a station to hold your inventory. By naming each area required or wanted in your kitchen layout, you’ll have a better idea of space available. Then the design will fall into place quickly.

What Are You Serving and How Quickly Do You Need It?

An optimal restaurant kitchen layout is all about speed and efficiency, so it’s essential to figure out what your version of speed looks like. If you’re serving customizable items like sandwiches, tacos, ice cream, or pizza, then an assembly line layout is ideal for your business.

Or design your kitchen with a cooking island if your clientele expects a wait time for their food. Place all the stations in the middle of the kitchen. Creating your food in an accessible central location is ideal for smaller kitchens that depend on speed and efficiency.

Create your ideal kitchen layout after understanding what you’re serving and how fast you expect to fill orders.

The Best Kitchen Layout Complements Good Equipment

The best kitchen layouts aren’t complete until you furnish each section with up-to-date equipment. It doesn’t matter if you have an ice cream shop, or a sandwich stop; Taylor Freezer can get you what you need.

If you need well-maintained equipment that will work to support any kitchen layout, please reach out by calling us at 734-219-9969 or visiting our blog. And we don’t just ship commercial equipment. We can help you clean, repair, and maintain any of the machines on our shelves.


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