The best commercial milkshake machines can help you grow your business, whether you’re just starting out or already have an established business. Even small companies have an increased demand for large volumes of ice cream during the summer months. Sometimes meeting this demand can make or break a summer season.

Best Milkshakes in America

When deciding on what commercial milkshake machine is suitable for you, note the currently-trending restaurants making a fortune on sweet treats alone. Nothing completes a meal or cools you down like a milkshake. Everyone loves these frosty delights, but finding your ultimate favorite could take years. Here’s a short and sweet list of the creamiest, dreamiest milkshakes in America to remember.

Whether you want to avoid high temperatures and relax or share a romantic dessert with a loved one, these popular milkshakes deserve a spot on your bucket list.


Alaska has delicious milkshakes, even in the most brutal arctic conditions. If you’re going to brave the weather for a creamy shake, make sure you stop by Anchorage’s Lucky Wishbone. They feature over 40 flavors of milkshakes, but their most popular drink by a large margin is their Oreo milkshake, piled high with America’s favorite cookie.


To balance out Alaska’s cold, we’re swinging by Palm Springs’ Great Shakes, a company that truly lives up to its name. Great Shakes is built on a reputation for delivering the best milkshakes you’ve ever tasted, and they don’t disappoint. Classic flavors mingle with options like lime pie and cookie butter, ensuring the optimal experience for every palate. Whether you’re passing through on a road trip or simply seeking the best milkshake experience in California, make it a priority to sample what Great Shakes offers.


Sticking to the warmer states, Parkesdale Farm Market in Plant City, Florida, uses the freshest strawberries in America to make their milkshakes. Using local produce sets Parkesdale apart from competitors. There’s nothing quite like fresh strawberries and ice cream for those hot Florida days.


We checked out the milkshakes in Alaska, so it’s only fair to talk about Hawaiian milkshakes. You haven’t lived until you’ve sipped a cold milkshake on the beach. Kono’s is here to help, as their famous milkshakes are the perfect complement to lounging in the tropical weather. They carry thick old fashioned milkshakes in classic flavors. If you’re feeling ambitious, they offer an extensive shake menu to choose from, including the Lava Flow, The Kala, and Cinnamon Roll.

New York

The Black Tap restaurant in New York creates milkshakes that aren’t just for drinking – they replace a full meal. Instead of reproducing the taste of cookies, apples, or marshmallows, they richly decorate their drinks with various ingredients. It’s a choose-your-own-dessert adventure.


TeeJay’s Sweet Tooth in Indianapolis knows what people want, and they serve a milkshake just the way you like it. These shakes measure up as you can load each cookie-rimmed cup with extra syrup on the bottom and pick any flavor combination you want. For a thick milkshake that exceeds expectations, try these.


Rounding out this impressive list is Michigan, of course. Frita Batidos serves some of the best Cuban fare in Michigan. And by perfecting the Batido shake with passion fruit, this restaurant can undoubtedly claim to host the best milkshakes in the state. The tropical, tart flavors of this delicious dessert will have you coming back for seconds and make all other shakes pale in comparison.

Is a Commercial Milkshake Machine Right for Your Business?

A commercial milkshake machine goes beyond entry-level machines because this appliance has a larger storage capacity and higher volume per hour. Most commercial machines are freestanding and easily accessible, making them more than suitable during busy times.

Everyone has a favorite flavor, but perhaps it’s time you surprise customers with new options that are sure to boost profits. For example, Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, and Culvers have specific seasonal treats that keep customers coming back. These major players know shakes are profitable, and are taking advantage of that.

Plus, there’s marketing potential behind purchasing a new commercial shake machine. You can begin promoting a big surprise on social media to raise awareness and garner interest. This marketing strategy is critical for start-ups and established businesses to maintain customer engagement.

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