Maintaining restaurant equipment is vital to keep your business running smoothly. If you own an establishment that serves fast, delicious food, you understand the significance of maintaining restaurant equipment.

Every business is unique. Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc. offers a wide variety of equipment that can be tailored to suit your foodservice needs. Our equipment makes it easier than ever to increase the potential profits of your business. It’s possible through shake and smoothie machines, ventless fryers, and more.

Equipment breakdowns can create massive problems for your wallet and your customers, so minimizing them is crucial. That’s not the only reason to properly maintain your restaurant equipment.

Better Equipment Means Better Food

The primary benefit of maintaining your restaurant equipment is better food. Properly maintained kitchen equipment produces better food for your customers. Not only will your food be tastier, production speed increases as well, so your customers can enjoy fresh food fast.

Less Money Spent on Repairs

Everything from an oven light to a grill grate needs to be functioning optimally to run a successful business. We know you can find everything you need at one of our three Taylor Freezer locations. And you know we enjoy seeing you. However, we don’t want you to visit every other day buying a replacement part.

By keeping your equipment clean and well maintained, you can repair minor problems before they require costly outside help. Maintaining restaurant equipment also ensures your devices won’t malfunction in the middle of a dinner rush. Consequently, this saves you money and time on repairs. As a result, you can put more effort into your food and your business.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Whether you’re working with reconditioned commercial food equipment or brand new tools, a clean kitchen is a profitable kitchen. Letting your machines get jammed with grime or debris, can harm the equipment and spoil the food you’re cooking. Likewise, rusty parts or elements in equipment can be equally as damaging. In other words, keeping your equipment clean keeps your food safe and your employees – and customers – happy.

Maintaining Restaurant Equipment Made Easy

Your kitchen equipment must be reliable.  When you own an ice cream or smoothie shop  you need to prepare delicious grilled dishes quickly. Taylor Freezer provides business owners just like you. Owners who want equipment to maximize their efficiency and serve their customers high-profit-margin foods. Our products include:

  • Commercial shake and soft serve machines
  • Frozen beverage machines for commercial use
  • Commercial soft serve machines
  • Industrial shake and smoothie machines
  • Two-sided grills for industrial use
  • Industrial frozen yogurt machines
  • Commercial gelato and frozen custard machines


We can help. Give us a call on how to best clean your commercial kitchen appliances. At the same time, sign up for our Auto-Mail Program to keep your machine maintenance on schedule. Likewise, contact us if you need well-maintained machines right out of the box. As always, we are willing to help. Contact us at 734-219-9969 or check out our blog for tips! We certainly know how to clean and maintain the machines on our shelves. We can supply any parts you need. And to be sure,  we’ll be able to answer any questions that you have about them.


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