Taylor PH61 Four-Flavor Shake Freezer with Pump

Shake Freezer
Four Flavor, Pump

Offer four separate shake flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and an optional flavor. Portion controlled shake dispensing for high volume milkshake production.

Product Offerings
Automatically dispenses 4 Shake flavors




Get perfectly portioned milkshakes time after time with the Taylor Ph61 commercial milkshake machine from Taylor Freezer!

  • Comes with four different shake flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and an optional flavor.
  • Perfect for any size kitchen.
  • Made with a variety of features designed to make this machine user-friendly.
  • The portion control setting makes it easy to pour the perfect milkshake every time.

No matter the season, a delicious milkshake is hard to resist, and with this easy-to-use commercial milkshake machine from Taylor Freezer, you can satisfy your customers’ cravings all year long. This machine is extremely user-friendly, making it simple for anyone in your kitchen to create delicious milkshakes. The commercial milkshake machine comes with three classic flavors and one optional flavor, giving you the freedom to mix and match as you see fit. You even have the option of expanding your menu by offering different flavor combinations and a variety of mix-ins. With this commercial milkshake machine, there are countless possibilities! Ready to add this machine to your kitchen? Contact your local Taylor Freezer sales rep and get yours today!

Product Specifications:

  • Model PH61
  • One 7-quart freezing cylinder
  • Weight: 608 lbs
  • On 1.0 HP beater
  • 18 7/16” W x 35 ¼” D x 59 ½” H
  • Refrigeration system: One 11,000 BTU/hr
  • Options: faucet, hopper locks, and shake cup dispenser

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