Model L828

L828 Electric One Platen 12″ Two-Sided Grill

One touch menu selection automatically provides accurate time, temperature and gap settings for every product.


  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Programmable Controls
  • External USB Port
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Upper Platens
  • Precise Automatic Gapping
  • Cooking Zones
  • Side-To-Side Release Material
  • Patty Cook Position Placement Guide
  • Standby Alert
  • Four Flat Timer
  • Multi-Function Mode
  • Fault Log




Upgrade your kitchen with the latest appliances like this electric two-sided grill from Taylor Freezer!

  • Features a digital menu that allows you to choose which item you are cooking.
  • Programmable controls make it easy to choose the perfect time, temperature, and gap settings for each item on your menu.
  • Use the USB port to upload a new menu or promotional items.
  • A great addition to any kitchen.

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Product Specifications:

  • Model L828
  • Weight: 391-448 lbs.
  • 15” W x 38 13/16” D x 55-58” H
  • Accessories: cleaner, grease cans, release sheets, and squeegee
  • Options: cleaning pads, cleaning pad holder, gap gage, grill scraper, squeegee, tool holder, and a grooved upper platen and lower plate

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