Model L819




Take your restaurant to the next level by upgrading your kitchen with the L819 two-sided grill from Taylor Freezer!

  • This grill is user-friendly and makes cooking a breeze.
  • Features include programmable controls, USB port, precise automatic gapping, and so much more!
  • Perfect for use in all types of establishments.
  • Automatically cooks your food perfectly every time!

If you’re looking for a way to improve the function and flow of your restaurant, then the L819 electric grill from Taylor Freezer is the perfect addition to your kitchen! This grill comes with a wide selection of automatic features that not only make it faster to prepare the foods your customers love, but it also makes it easier for your employees to keep up with the high demand of certain items. Simply upload your menu using the USB port, and the grill will determine the right cooking time and temperature for each item, guaranteeing that everything is cooked to perfection. Ready to improve your restaurant with high-quality industrial cooking equipment? Contact your local Taylor Freezer sales representative to get started today!

Product Specifications:

  • Model L819
  • Weight: 699-813 lbs.
  • 28 3/16” W x 40 13/16” D x 55 to 60” H
  • Two ceramic infrared burners
  • Accessories: cleaner, grease cans, release sheets, and squeegee
  • Options: cleaning pads, cleaning pad holder, gap gage, grill scraper, tool holder, and weighted platens

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