Model C300

Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezer
Two Flavor

Dispense a light, fluffy, high overrun slush product in a pressurized system from this modular, counter-top freezer. Optional nonpressurized system produces a wetter, lower overrun slush. Air is discharged out the top of the unit to accommodate tight counter space. Optional cart converts the unit to a self-contained floor model, and provides storage for the syrup.

Product Offerings

2 Flavor Carbonated Slush Beverage




Add a tropical twist to your establishment with a slushie maker from Taylor Freezers!

  • Create two delicious flavors in one machine.
  • Dispense a light, fluffy slush that your customers will love.
  • Save power with the automatic power saver function
  • Indicator lights and alarm will alert you when your CO2, water, or syrup are low.

If you’re looking for a way to mix up your menu, adding a slushie machine is a great way to add variety and new flavors that your customers will love! Adults and children alike will enjoy sipping on a fruity slushy while they eat their meals, and the Taylor C300 is sure to produce light, fluffy slushies batch after batch. Choose from countless different flavors that will compliment your dishes. You can even create delicious frozen margaritas that will quench the thirst of your of-age crowd. This batch freezer slushie machine is easy-to-use and will easily fit on the counter or on the floor. You can’t go wrong with a slushie machine from Taylor Freezers, so contact your local sales office to request a quote today!


  • 335 lbs.
  • 17 5/16” W x 34 3/16” D x 35 ⅝” H
  • Designed to rest on a plastic pad directly on countertop or on optional cart
  • Two, 7-quart (6.6 liter) freezing cylinders
  • One, ¼ HP beater
  • Refrigeration system: 18,000 BTU/hr compressor
  • Self-contained carbonation system
  • 25 PSI potable water pressure
  • Options: non-pressurized, syrup tank fittings, syrup storage cart

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