Taylor C118 Batch Freezer

The batch freezers of the “TITAN” series are the result of more than 45 years of experience in the artisan gelato equipment field; they have been designed to offer the operator a professional and reliable tool. The electronic controls of the operating functions allows, with every type of mix, to achieve the ideal product consistency despite the introduced quantity. The operator can use four different programs for the production of gelato and slush, with the possibility to set the consistency values, the times (slush only) and the agitation modes.


  • Highly efficient freezing cylinder with direct expansion
  • Steel beater with adjustable scrapers
  • High-speed extraction with “extraction chill” option to obtain the best product consistency
  • Cylinder-block steel door with double safety system on grid and door
  • The electronic IES features a new consistency control system, that further improves the precision during the different working conditions


Provide your customers with amazing frozen treats with this batch freezer from Taylor Freezers!

  • Easily makes numerous frozen treats, from gelato to slushies.
  • Enjoy consistent products time and time again.
  • Features steel beaters with adjustable scrapers.
  • Made with high-quality, reliable materials as a result of 45 years of experience.

With the Taylor C118, you can create numerous treats that everyone will love. This fully automatic batch ice cream freezer allows both you and your employees to create consistent product time after time. Whether you want to create ice cream, slushies, Italian ice, frozen custard, gelato, or any other frozen creation, you will be able to quickly and easily deliver the products that your customers are craving. If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to increase the profit of your business, then there’s no question that this batch freezer from Taylor Freezers is the perfect addition for you. Contact your local Taylor sale’s office to receive a quote for the C118 batch freezer today!


  • 540 lbs.
  • 20 ½” W x 34 13/16” D x 39 ¾” H
  • Includes one, 12.4-quart freezing cylinder
  • Two-speed beater: 2.5 HP (low) and 4.0 HP (high)

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