Egro ZERO Quick Milk

Entry level super automatic with keypad user interface.



Give your customers the well-timed jolt of caffeine they deserve with the EGRO Zero Quick Milk from Taylor Freezer!

  • Perfect for restaurants, hotels, and resorts.
  • Features an easy-to-use keypad interface.
  • Program up to 16 high-quality beverages.
  • Milk is siphoned from the attached Quick Milk Fridge.

If you run a hotel, resort, or even a high-end restaurant, then you want to ensure that your customers are satisfied at all times. What better way to ensure their satisfaction than with high-quality espresso beverages thanks to the EGRO Zero Quick Milk? This Swiss espresso machine is easy-to-use and can help you not only give your customers the delicious espresso they deserve, but it can also help you expand your menu. Instead of settling for bland drip coffee, this espresso machine gives you the option to craft delicious espresso drinks. You can program up to 16 different beverages, and use added flavors or ingredients to expand your menu even further! Get the EGRO Zero Quick Milk espresso machine from Taylor Freezer today!

Product Specifications:

  • Model: EGRO Zero Quick Milk
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • 22” W x 24” D x 31” H
  • Keypad user interface
  • Includes two grinders and hoppers, centralized hot water, Americano bypass single cup, and the Quick Milk Fridge

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