Maintaining a commercial kitchen requires a comprehensive approach to ensure restaurant kitchen safety. However, following these basic health and safety guidelines and using quality commercial kitchen equipment will help you ensure high-quality standards in your kitchen.

Health and Hygiene

Traces of lipstick and coffee smears on glasses or leftovers on plates have no place in the restaurant. These have a negative effect on the guests, not to mention the spread of infectious pathogens and germs.

Health and hygiene have to be a top priority in the kitchen. Wash all surfaces, cookware, and tableware to avoid the risk of damage to the health of the guests.

  • Never leave dirty tableware or cookware in the kitchen and sink area overnight.
  • Remove all leftover food and other residues before rinsing.
  • Classify clean and dirty zones within your kitchen.
  • Don’t use dish towels made of fabric.
  • Don’t re-use single-use items.
  • Cover clean tableware and cookware after cleaning.
  • Store clean pots and chopping boards so that any residual moisture can dry off.

Ensuring all food is cooked adequately is absolutely essential for your guest’s health. Using the Broaster Ventless VF-3 with SmartTouch automatically adjusts cooking time to accommodate changing sizes and temperature requirements. It’s vital that there are no mistakes when processing food. In particular, preventing salmonella, bacteria, norovirus, swine or bird flu, and currently Covid-19. Even minor oversights can have significant consequences, leading to food spoilage. Even worse, is the potential for foodborne illnesses.

Storage Protocols for Restaurant Kitchen Safety

A ventilation system is important for a healthy room climate, as the temperature in a kitchen can rise quickly due to the electrical devices. All thermal devices require an exhaust air system. The air is where a lot of grease, smoke, and vapors are generated. On the positive side, a working commercial vent can extract heat and smells immediately.

There are exceptions for some high-quality restaurant appliances like Broaster Ventless Countertop Fryers. They are small and compact, fitting virtually any countertop. At the same time, they include self-venting technology. Consequently, you won’t need to purchase a hood system to operate the fryer.

Other safety features include:

  • Auto-lift to raise and lower the basket
  • Adjustable high-temp limit switch
  • Built-in fire-suppression system

Equally important, fire protection is a must for restaurant kitchen safety. For example, all walls and ceilings must be made of non-combustible material to prevent a possible fire from spreading. In addition, sufficient extinguishing options must also be suitable for dousing grease and oil fires. Without exception, fire extinguishers must be visible and easily accessible. Therefore, ventless fryers are an excellent option if you seek commercial equipment with built-in fire suppression

Service Equipment on Time

The first thing to remember is to service all commercial kitchen equipment regularly. In the long run, poorly maintained appliances are major hazards to commercial kitchen safety, putting your establishment at risk.

At Taylor Freezer of Michigan, we carry a complete line of Taylor parts. In addition, we carry an extensive line of parts from Broaster, Flavor Burst, and Smokaroma.

Our auto-mail program makes it easy to remember your restaurant or commercial equipment cleaning schedule. Specfically, we ship components (filters, Taylor tune-up kits, brushes, etc.) directly to you as a timely reminder to disassemble and clean your machine.

For more information on our available equipment, service, parts, or auto-mail program, please call 734-219-9969 or contact your neighborhood office.

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