Are you considering adding a hot food program to your store’s offerings? Many convenience stores, big and small, have been in the same boat, and there’s no better time for new additions than the new year. 

Elevating the C-Store Operation for Your Customers

A c-store’s operation is to provide a convenient location to purchase a variety of goods and services.  An easy way to further that mission is to add a hot food program. The transition to including a hot food program is simple–you just need to know your customer, reach out to a distributor like Taylor Freezer of Michigan, and train your staff!

Before you decide how your c-store is going to add a hot food program, it’s important to think about your customer. Understanding your customers’ behavior and menu preferences is key to making sure your hot food program grows your business and profits! Knowing your customers allows you to prepare for transactions and ensure that you have the stock needed to fill your customer’s stomachs while also avoiding left-over stock that goes to waste. Additionally, understanding your customers’ menu preferences means you can best connect with your customers and sell products!

Broaster Industrial Fryers

For some of the best technologies, look no further than Broaster Foods®. Taylor Freezer of Michigan offers several Broaster Industrial Fryers that are perfect for the mouth-watering flavors of Broaster Foods’ quick-service food programs. Purchase your fryers and become a Broaster Licensed Trademark Operator for endless menu opportunities for you and your customers!

For a smaller footprint, check out the Broaster® 1600 Industrial Pressure Fryer. This fryer features a Pressure Activated Cover Locking Mechanism for a safe, easy, and efficient closing and opening. This fryer also has an automatic cook cycle counter, a built-in filter system, and a standard touchscreen controller. For a compact and reliable fry, the Broaster® 1600 Industrial Pressure Fryer is a perfect option for those wanting to save floor space and efficiently cook. 

Taylor Grill Line

Not looking for fryers? The Taylor grill line is perfect for you and your store! With just a push of the button, Taylor® two-sided industrial grills can cook up seafood, veggie burgers, sandwiches, and more. The equipment’s programmable cook times, preset temperatures, and consistent pressure ensure easy cooking for a variety of products. Optimize your store’s cooking and profitability with Taylor Foods Systems equipment.

Launching a Hot Food Program

After deciding to add a hot food program to your business, the next step is to train your staff. We are here for you and your staff! For Broaster® food equipment, training includes becoming a licensed Trademark Operator. For the Taylor grill line and the array of products offered, Taylor Freezer is there every step of the way and is available to view and demonstrate equipment and answer any questions you may have. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your soft-serve ice cream business operations in the winter months or debut new technologies to grow your business, Taylor Freezer of Michigan is here for you! The perfect go-to for equipment and questions, let us provide you with all you need to grow your business. Call our food service equipment experts today at 734-742-5217 and see what we can do for you.