Managing a restaurant kitchen is so much more than overseeing the staff and placing food orders. All equipment, systems, and services in a commercial kitchen require routine maintenance. Not only does this include daily cleaning your cooking appliances and work surfaces, but it also means scheduling a professional deep clean of ventilation hoods and walk-in fridges and freezers. In addition,  lubricate motors, hinges, and glidesperiodically. You should also inspect and test all appliances and systems on a regular basis so you can keep everything in working order. Budget to take care of any necessary repairs as soon as possible. There are many benefits to keeping your kitchen equipment well maintained.

Utility Cost

Any equipment you have that uses gas, water, or electricity costs your business money in utility bills. Well maintained equipment runs more efficiently and ends up costing you less on those utility bills. Keeping your equipment well cleaned and regularly services improves its efficiency in the long run.


When your equipment is operating at its fullest potential, the quality of your product will be its best. No one likes to pay good money for food prepared with second-rate equipment. If you use underperforming equipment, it shows and your customers are bound to notice the decline in food quality.


Customers expect to receive the same experience each time they visit your business. If they have a wonderful meal this week, and they come back next month to order it again, they expect it to taste the same. When your equipment is clean and functioning properly, it shows in consistency.


We have all been to businesses where the food served was delicious, but the service took forever. Having your equipment at its prime improve service time. Customers always appreciate speedy service.


Equipment breakdowns is costly for your business. If you are not able to use your equipment, you may have to limit what you are able to offer your customers. Worst case, you may have to shut down completely. These are situations that are bad for business! You earn less income if you must limit what you can offer your customers. Of course, you cannot earn income at all if you are shut down. In the long term, these problems reflect poorly on your business and damage your reputation.

Life Expectancy

Equipment is an expensive investment and the longer we make it last, the better. One single appliance can cost thousands of dollars to replace! Keeping equipment clean and well-maintained will help it last as long as possible.


The hospitality industry often buys and sells used machines when upgrading or moving a business to a new location. There is a market for used equipment that is clean and in good working condition. For instance, start-up restaurants often seek out good deals on well-maintained equipment to help with the initial costs associated with opening a new establishment. In addition, you may catch a tax break by donating properly maintained machinery to a nonprofit organization or school in need of kitchen equipment. In all these instances, it is important that the equipment has been well taken care of – clean, maintained, and functioning properly.

Safety Maintenance

One of the top priorities for any business is safety – for both the employees and the customers. Of course, in working with food, this involves food safety. Food must be cooked and stored at proper temperatures, and you must rely on your equipment to keep them that way. In addition, the local health and fire departments have standards for the proper operation of your equipment. Cooking equipment must be kept clean to avoid hot flare-ups of flames. Further, fire suppression equipment must be up to date and inspected to protect you if there is a fire. This usually includes smoke detectors, heat detectors, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. Employees should take proper precautions in working in the kitchen but having equipment that is clean and functioning well will also go a long way to preventing unnecessary injuries. Safety is an issue that regular maintenance addresses.


Be sure that your operating budget accounts for regular maintenance. Be sure you have a replacement plan in place for when equipment ultimately needs replacement and/or an upgrade. It is also a good idea to maintain extended warranties on your equipment.

Our job at Taylor Freezer of Michigan is to provide you with products, parts, and services to make your business a success. It is important that all kitchen equipment is inspected and repaired routinely. This includes ovens, ranges, ventilation systems, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and more. Keep a schedule and stick to it for the proper cleaning and service of your equipment. Treat your equipment well and it will treat you well! And keep your business and your customers happy!

Our auto-mail program makes remembering your quarterly commercial or restaurant equipment cleanings a breeze. We ship you the parts (filters, Taylor tune-up kits, brushes, etc.) that you need for quarterly preventative maintenance cleanings. These shipments are a reminder that it’s time to break down and clean that machine! Call us today at 734-219-9969 to learn more about our Taylor, ice cream, Broaster, coffee, or frozen beverage equipment.

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