Chicken is one food that is extremely versatile, and almost everyone eats it at some point during the week. There are many different ways in which you can season and cook chicken to make it more appealing, and restaurateurs all over the country have perfected their chicken recipes. In today’s post, we will discuss what you can do to make the most amazing chicken that will have customers lining up to try your amazing dish.

At Taylor Freezer of Michigan, we make it easier for restaurants, hotels, cafés, and other establishments to get the commercial food service equipment they need to make their business a success. We sell a large selection of products from some of the most well-known brands in the industry, including Taylor, Flavor Burst, and Broaster®! Find the appliances your kitchen needs to take your menu to the next level, and contact your local Taylor Freezer sales representative today to get started!

Appeal to All Audiences

While some restaurants make a name for themselves thanks to their diverse menu, others can be just as successful from selling just one item — chicken. The great thing about chicken is that different cuts, flavors, and cooking styles can help you create an extremely diverse selection of dishes, all using the same main ingredient. This just goes to show how many people love a delicious chicken dish.

The secret to helping your chicken sell is to make sure you have enough options for everyone who sets foot in your establishment. For example, if you want to sell buffalo or barbeque wings in your restaurant, you may find that older generations enjoy eating bone-in wings, whereas younger generations prefer boneless. If you only offer one option — bone-in or boneless — you may find that you are selling fewer wings because you aren’t appealing to both sides. The same goes for the cuts of meat you choose, white versus dark meat, and even fried versus grilled options. When you add more options, you can expand the number of customers you want to appease, and you may find that you are selling more chicken than ever before!

Get Creative With Seasoning!

Chicken is one ingredient that is easily manipulated with different spices and seasonings. You can create a moist, savory chicken when you use a little salt, pepper, and rosemary, or you can create a dish with a sweet side when you add a smoky rub and a honey barbeque sauce! Other proteins have a flavor profile that is all their own, and it can be more difficult to manipulate the meat to fit with the dish.

When you work with chicken in your restaurant, don’t be afraid to get creative with the seasonings. You can create a number of mouth-watering dishes just by using different spices. Try creating a curry dish that will add an international flair to your menu, or create a dish that highlights the best southern comfort food of all — fried chicken! Younger customers have been found to have a taste for spicy chicken such as Nashville’s Hot Chicken, giving you the perfect opportunity to appeal to their generation and create a spicy chicken that will set their taste buds on fire!

Use the Very Best Equipment

You can spend years perfecting your chicken recipe, but it will all be for nothing if you’re not using the right commercial food service equipment. The goal of any restaurant kitchen is to run efficiently and produce consistent results, but if you’re using unreliable equipment that requires constant observation, it will slow down your operation and potentially lead to chicken that is less than perfection.

At Taylor Freezer of Michigan, we proudly offer our customers the highest quality equipment, including the Broaster Pressure Fryer. This fryer uses innovative technology to create fried chicken that is so moist and juicy that it will have your customers coming back time and time again. Our Pressure Fryer uses high pressure to cook the chicken quickly without losing any of the natural juices. Additionally, the industrial fryer uses less oil, so you won’t have to worry about serving your customers food that is extremely greasy!

Find the Perfect Industrial Fryer for Your Kitchen!

Taylor Freezer is proud to offer commercial food service equipment to residents throughout Michigan. Our equipment is made with the highest quality materials and is built to last. If you are looking for a way to take your establishment to the next level with amazing chicken dishes or another signature meal, then our team at Taylor can help. Browse our website to learn more about our products, and contact your local Taylor Freezer sales rep today to get started!

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