A refrigerator is a must for all establishments serving food. Whether your primary dishes include meats and vegetables or you have various dairy products that need to be kept cool, the quality of the refrigerator that you invest in matters. Here at Taylor Freezer of Michigan, we know that the refrigerator that you choose needs to be able to hold all of your inventory, run efficiently, and most importantly — provide the reliability you need in your commercial kitchen.

In today’s blog, our team is going to go over a few of the different things that you want to take into consideration when shopping for a new commercial refrigerator. If you have any questions or you’d like some additional information on a particular refrigerator, contact our team and we would be more than happy to assist you.


Every establishment (as well as how they use a refrigerator) will be different. As you start the process of shopping around for a new refrigerator, you want to make sure that you’re taking the dimensions into consideration. If you’re already in a commercial kitchen and you have a refrigerator, think about how this is working for you. Does it provide you with enough storage? Are the shelves deep enough? Do you wish there were shelves for smaller items?

Once you’ve visited what your current refrigerator is offering you and what it’s lacking, you can get a better idea of if you need a larger refrigerator or if an updated refrigerator of the same size will do the trick. Along with that, you want to make sure to make note of the dimensions available within your commercial kitchen. A refrigerator, while necessary, can take up too much space and leave your kitchen feeling bulky and closed off. To avoid this, look at the space where the new refrigerator will go and take measurements.

Features for Primary Use

All refrigerators are used to keep food cold, but not everyone is storing the same things within their refrigerators. Before going and purchasing a new refrigerator, take some time to think about the primary use of your refrigerator. Are you storing large trays? Is it mostly liquids that you have stored? Do you only use your refrigerator for prep containers? Depending on how you answer this, you want to start creating a list of features that are going to come in handy for how you primarily use your refrigerator. This is a huge investment, after all, you might as well ensure it works for you and your kitchen.

Energy Efficiency

As with anything in your commercial kitchen, you want to make sure that the refrigerator that you invest in is going to provide you with an increase in your energy efficiency. A majority of new refrigerators will use less energy than older models, so it should be something that you experience as soon as you start shopping. With that being said, you do want to ask about the energy efficiency if there’s a particular refrigerator that’s standing out to you.

Style and Finish

While it might not be the deciding factor in which refrigerator you get, the style and finish is definitely something worth considering as you shop around. Many want to maintain the flow of their commercial kitchen and will continue to invest in high-quality food service equipment that will help maintain the appearance of the space. If you’re not entirely sure what styles or finishes are available, ask our team and we’ll let you know. Our goal is to provide you with a refrigerator that is equal parts functional and beautiful.

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