There are few things as nice as a glass of freshly squeezed juice. As an establishment that serves breakfast, brunch, or high-end drinks, you want to make sure that you’re providing your guests with the very best service and experience possible. When it comes to the juice that you’re serving, your guests can absolutely tell the difference between a freshly squeezed glass and one that was poured out of a jug that is loaded with sugars.

Taylor Freezer of Michigan has proudly provided high-quality commercial kitchen equipment to businesses in the area for years. One of the pieces of equipment that we highly recommend establishments look into is a commercial juicer. This is an expense that various businesses feel as though it is an unnecessary expense, but the reality is that there are various advantages to adding a commercial juicer to your business.

In today’s blog post, the team at Taylor Freezer of Michigan is going to cover a few of the benefits to investing in a juicer for your establishment. Let’s jump in.

Offer Fresh Juice

Being able to offer something unique to your clients is always a plus. If you’re wanting to add something new to your menu or you want there to be something special that your business is known for, fresh squeezed juice is a great option. Fresh squeezed juice is tough to come by these days, so when someone stumbles upon it, they remember and they come back. Make your business memorable by offering something that few businesses do, and do it in a cost effective and efficient manner with the help of a commercial juicer.

Versatility in Juice Options

The most common type of freshly squeezed juice that people will serve at an establishment is orange juice, but that’s certainly not the only option! Commercial juicers can help get you concentrated lemon or lime juice that you can use in cocktail mixtures, provide you with fresh tomato juice, or let you serve up something unique — like freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. The sky’s the limit when you’ve invested in a commercial juicer, and the versatility it allows you is something that every establishment can take advantage of.

Save Time

If you’re already offering fresh juice at your establishment, you know just how much time it can take to hand juice the fruit or vegetables that you’re using. Whether this is a part of your prep or it’s something that you’re having to do throughout a shift, finding a way to save some time with this process is always a win. So, if you are already serving juice, save your employees some time by investing in a commercial juicer that does the job for them.

More Juice

Believe it or not, but a commercial juicer is actually going to provide you with more juice than doing so by hand. The design behind commercial juicers takes into consideration the desire to extract the maximum amount of juice from the fruit or vegetable, which means that it’s using every piece of that item to provide you with the most juice possible. So, while a commercial juicer may feel like an added upfront cost, you’ll wind up saving money in the amount of produce that you’re purchasing to offer freshly squeezed juice.

Long-Term Investment

When you choose a high-quality commercial juicer for your establishment, you are going to be able to provide delicious juice to your customers for years to come. High-quality juicers are designed to endure large productions of juice on a regular basis, so it doesn’t matter how often you’re serving it up or how many gallons of juice you’re making, a high-quality juicer will be able to perform. Aside from that, the well-known brands and quality juicers are known for their ability to last for years, meaning that you’ll be able to pay off a commercial juicer in no time at all.

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